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drugs onlineCanadian Family Pharmacy is glad to greet you on our website. We are delighted to be introduced to you – Canadian Family Pharmacy is online company carrying out its activity on online pharmaceutical market. Various medications at attractively low prices are what you exactly require for your health maintenance and improvement.

Our online pharmacy is a reliable and authoritative, medications are of high quality because we cooperate with reputable, licensed and certificate drug-manufacturers who take responsibility for drugs quality. Moreover we sell generic drugs what helps us save your expenses.

Canadian Family Pharmacy is working 24/7 a day to become closer to each customer. We do our best to provide them with an outstanding service, service which allows customers to find everything in one place and place an order even in one click.

Our medications are accessible and low-cost. Our prices are not overvalued because generic drugs selling allows us to prevent overcharges. We do our best because everything we need is to enhance your health conditions.

If you are afraid of been cheated, do not be anxious about it because Canadian Family Pharmacy utilizes special encrypting service protecting your personal data from unauthorized access. We also do not trade, distribute or disclose your personal data to the third parties without your prior consent.

What are Generics?

On pharmaceutical market there are two groups of drugs – original and generic. The first are expensive, and the latter – by many times cheaper. Surveys show that not more than 20% of patients know about their existence and difference between them.

Original product is a new development of pharmaceutical company, which first discovered, synthesized and patented it for many years (usually 20). During this period, the drug can be produced only by this company. Original drug is often unique in its kind and has no analogues among competing companies, so you won’t be able to find an analog in pharmacies as long as patent protection is valid. When patent protection expires, this initial preparation will cost more than all other analogues.

Why are original drugs so expensive? The fact is that not all new molecules reach the stage of medication – usually out of 5000 – 10000 newly discovered molecules not more than a dozen gets to pharmacy shelves. This is because molecules with at the beginning are tested for safety and efficacy in all possible and impossible ways, for which numerous clinical trials involving large amount of people and technical resources are conducted and it takes about 10 years for these researches. These costs, including «failed» molecules, are included in new drugs price. It also includes costs for marketing, training doctors and pharmacists, post-marketing studies during several years after releasing drug on the market in order to obtain broader safety data. At average, for introducing one of the drug on the market it requires about one billion dollars, and while patent protection is valid, pharmaceutical company is trying to recoup their costs, earn money for the next development and make profit. All this explains high prices for original drugs.

Time passes, and patent protection expires, and from that moment there appear generic drugs on pharmaceutical market that are in fact copies of original drugs. There is a logical question – why are they cheaper? They are cheaper because their producers do not need to spend money on their development, they work with a ready medical product, there is no need to prove its safety and effectiveness in numerous studies – it is made by company-developer. That is why generics are significantly lower in price, even though requirements for production of generics and originals must be exactly the same, but in practice this is not always the case.

You may have noticed or will notice now that generics cost also varies greatly – from expensive to very cheap. It also has an explanation. The fact is that preparations should be made in accordance with the GMP requirements (good manufacturing practice). In addition, the WHO (World Health Organization) has specific requirements for generics equivalence (similarity) to original drugs, namely it is necessary to determine bioequivalence, pharmaceutical equivalence (i. e., complete coincidence of all fillers and pigments in original and generic drugs) and therapeutic equivalence (proof of completely identical actions of both original and generic drugs). Those drugs that have gone through all the stages of research are expensive, those, that have undergone only laboratory-defined bioequivalence are very cheap, but their curative effect so often disappoints patients and frustrates doctors.


Canadian Family Pharmacy can assure its clients that all drugs presented in products list, have undergone all tests and researches and are of best quality. Our manufacturers guarantee effectiveness and quality of produced drugs and provide all necessary documents and certificates to prove customers their reliability.

What is Impotence?

Impotence is erectile dysfunction (when male penis volume, its firmness and integrity are not sufficient perform normal sexual intercourse). There are two kinds of impotence – partial or complete, and it can occur at the beginning and after a few years of sexual activity. The reason may be loss of even basic sexual attraction to partner or fear not to satisfy partner. It may be that a woman doesn’t attract you anymore. This problem is very simply treated – you need to find a more attractive partner or diversify your sex life.

Organic Causes of Impotence

There are approximately five organic causes in total: medicational, endocrine, local, vascular and neurological. These are the so-called organic causes of impotence, but among them there are a group of reasons, caused solely by psychological factors, it is the most common. Organic disorders are usually accompanied by psychological reason.

Psychological Causes of Impotence

One of the main reasons for poor erection or lack of it is depression or prolonged stress. Also potency is adversely affected by: fatigue, malaise, bad mood, difference in sexual habits and dissatisfaction with partner and fear of STD. For full sexual intercourse you should definitely provide safe and secure environment. Nothing should distract you from upcoming sex.

  • Selective impotence – a condition when a man can not perform normal sexual intercourse with one partner, but does it with others.
  • «First date» syndrome – failure appears only at the first time you have unprotected sex, but the follow intercourses are good. Correct partner’s behavior is very important in this situations.
  • Condom rejection – a man can not perform sexual intercourse with a contraceptive.
  • Labile, too receptive psyche – when one failure is so vividly remembered that it can make a man impotent even in his youth!

How to distinguish organic impotence from psychological disorders? It’s pretty simple. If penis has normal erection during masturbation or in the morning, then everything is OK with organic and the reason for failure lies in psyche. Alcohol, drugs and everything that suppresses cerebral cortex, contribute to erectile dysfunction development. Especially it is necessary to warn against masturbation abuse, which can displace need for full communion with women at a man that constantly masturbates.

Is it Possible to Cure Impotence?

Impotence is not terrible, if to properly treat it! Effective ways to overcome this disease are numerous. And everyone is able to choose a suitable method. Impotence treatment can last from weeks to several months. Only patient should always consult a doctor and never hesitate to talk about this disorder, because the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you will be cured!

There are many drugs that really work and help to cure male impotence. Typically, these medications work as erection stimulators. The most obvious and well-known example of such a drug is Canadian Family Pharmacy Viagra. It acts as an enhancer, but only in response to sexual stimulation. Dosage must be appointed by a doctor. Often they prescribe 50 mg of medication a day. But much depends on patient and his health. And the drug must not be taken more than once a day.

Canadian Family Pharmacy also provides various Viagra analogues: Cialis, Levitra, etc. These drugs have similar action mechanisms, but contain different active ingredients and differ in time and onset of action. You can find all these and many other drugs and generics in our pharmacy at low price and high quality. Visit Canadian Family Pharmacy website and make sure right now!

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